That Ol’ Black Magic

Funny thing, adolescence. I’ve perfect faith that had I the ability to travel back in time and tell my fourteen-year-old self about all the shit that will happen to us up until my point, she’d hold my gaze with over-made up eyes and say, ‘I know.’ Part of it would be sheer teenage arrogance and the other half would be the complete belief that without a doubt I had influenced my own future. Between having a family that was very much, shall we say, of the earth and a natural inclination to study wiccan and pagan practices, I didn’t think my message from the future would be anything other than what I had intended it to be. Juju, charms, incantations, bell, book and candle: I was so sure that I was using divine magic to shape and form my future I had every confidence that this is where I’d wind up.

I’d probably not have thought I’d have taken this route to get there, but the destination was the same, regardless of the road I took to get here.

Now I might have glossed over a few parts to Then-Me. I might have left out things here and there, but having a second to reflect on all the crazy things that have occurred in the last year, a few things have come full circle. And as much as a cynical bitch as I tend to be, even I can’t deny certain divine patterns. With American Mary doing as well as it has, and sharing the screen with Katherine Isabelle, I was actually reminded recently of a coversation I had the first time I saw her in a film.

Flashback to 2000 when I was bright eyed little Goth/punk me. Ripped fishnets, crappy taste in music, big boots and far too much eyeliner. I’ve a photo somewhere… I was still in the thralls of art school/witch/fetish fledgling (we all remember The Craft – do yourself a favour and do not revisit if you want your childhood to remain intact) and so Ginger Snaps seemed to be right up my alley. I went to see it at our local Mega-Multi-Movie-Plex with my then-boyfriend. Ginger was great, and had massive appeal to a socially-defunct almost-twentysomething. I remember clearly wistfully saying to then-boyfriend of the time how I’d love to do something like that. He flatly replied, “You’d NEVER be able to do something like that.”

Funny old world.

Now, here I am years later. Older. Kind of wiser. Drinking Wisers. That paramour is now buried deep in the Ex Files. And I think it’s funny what it is that comes to mind. Having done a film with Katherine seems like the fulfilment of a strange prophecy made not by the boyfriend, but something in my own head. I’m pretty sure lots of us are familiar with that incantation. Someone gives us a limit, a ceiling, an ultimatum, and we all invoke the same mantra…


Sass maidens, all in a row.

Consider, if you will, the ladies of my immediate sass family, Sweet Soul BurlesqueWe are soon to be celebrating our ten year anniversary. Ten years. Celebrity marriages don’t last as long as our group has, which is saying something considering all of our strong sometimes Diva personalities. But like an interlocking jigsaw puzzle, all the weird shapes fit together to make up one greater picture. Again, made up of women who were told:

* You’re just a bunch of strippers

* You’re too fat

* Your boobs are too small

* Why are you talking? Just take your clothes off.

* Were you a man?

* You’re kind of freaky to be doing this.

* I’ll pay you $20 to perform at my event

* This won’t last, it’s just a phase.

Ha. Ha. Ha. All things we heard together or separately, we’ve gone through a lot. And yet we’re still here, ready to go into our next phase of being performers and representing our West Coast family. Like all artists we’ve come up against opposition whether it was to how we chose to express ourselves with our performances, criticism about our life style choices and criticism about our bodies. This has all served us well in upping our games and developed us as artists. By managing to stick around for as long as we have and continue to grow and evolve I hope it serves as inspiration to other artists, especially women, who get the same “no, you can’t” thrown at them.

Trust, you can.

As I said, Sweet Soul will be having our 10 Year Anniversary Saturday Feb.2nd at the Rio Theatre. Slideshow, live performances, guests… a few tears may get shed, bras will get tossed, and sass levels WILL be high. And it will be a celebration, not just for making it as long as we have, or the future that lies ahead, but a success for others who have been told the negative. Guess what, you work hard, you keep your mind on your game, and you remember that little girls aren’t made of puppy breath, sugar, and glitter farts; we’re made of bone, blood, grit, muscle and sheer determination.

See you there. I’ll be the one wearing the big grin all night, working good voodoo.


Little Miss Risk

For tix online: CLICK HERE $12 in advance…

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