The Decadent

I like the feeling of opulence. I like to drink my water in a fancy wineglass, I like to sip my tea from bone china tea cups scavenged from the depths of the Sally Ann. I’d rather have a bite of high quality dark chocolate than a giant bar of American Hershey’s. You don’t need a lot to leave an impression and give a certain richness to quality of living.

Case in point.

My friend Nicky Ninedoors and her husband John, both of whom are known for their Vancouver fusion of live jazz and burlesque (Pandora And The Locksmiths), have recently made the foray into photography. After seeing some of their work I asked to be part of the project. They kindly agreed and a date was made. I recall the day of the shoot came, and I was slightly dazed from having been on tour the week before (a guaranteed way to fry my brain) and having a head cold to boot, which required a DayQuil type of medicine. I prefer not to take those, since they are a dissociative and can make one’s day… shall we say ‘spacey’ at best.

I also had no idea what to wear. In typical showgirl fashion, I decided to bring a bunch of props, minimal clothes, and some extra tissues. I showed up, passing Crystal Precious on her way out, as I tried to collect myself. I recall feeling slightly dazed, stuffed up, but excited. Usually when I think I’ve nothing to wear I opt for a blue spotlight, but in this case I think John, Nicky and I did fairly okay…

Photo by Ninedoors Photography

Photo by Ninedoors Photograph


Photo by Ninedoors Photography

Photo by Ninedoors Photography

I lied. I was wearing stockings, shoes, and a smile. If you’d like to see more of their work (trust me, you do) then check their Tumblr here:


Little Miss Risk

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One Response to The Decadent

  1. robby says:

    As always Tristan you are such a breath taking subject. The photos are amazing and there is some true talent not just in front of but behind the lens. Thank you for sharing theses. Beautiful

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