The Last Few Drops Of Sweet Sip Thursdays…


(image by Fubufoto / design by Frankie Faux)

About six years ago, a little 100 year-old building transformed from a forgotten store-room into a euphonious Chinatown speakeasy. Since then the Keefer Bar and its staff have provided a haven for Vancouverites and visitors alike, serving urban sophisticates a little modern medication. Our partnership with them in 2010 has since garnered world-wide recognition, providing us with a weekly stage from which Sweet Soul’s signature neo-brand of striptease has deepened and flourished. Hosted by Crystal Precious, the little stage in front of the big picture window has also had its share of well-known international burlesque guests press their bosoms to the glass for passers-by, as well as those taxi cabs who “happen” to show up unbidden every Thursday. Some of these notable names came from England, LA, Australia and include industry royalty such as Burlesque Handbook writer Jo “Boobs” Weldon, and, next week, on Feb 4th, the incomparable Dirty Martini.

Like all good entertainment, eventually the curtains whisper a hush as they close, the stage becomes quiet, and the red light dims its come-hither glow. It is such that we at Sweet Soul plan to bid a similar adieu to our weekly show. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful run, and we are excited to move forward into 2016 and beyond with our latest projects within the SSB collective. This include a chance to focus on our next steps, among them new films, touring, recording, and the ever-growing Vancouver Burlesque Centre. Never one to say goodnight without a saucy wink of the eye, we offer a few more tête-à-têtes from the stage before we bid farewell. Our final shows will be as following:

Thursday, Feb 4 with Dirty Martini (NYC)

Thursday, Feb 18

Thursday, March 3

Thursday, March 24th – ***LAST SHOW*** Our Grand Finale

ALL SHOWS $10. Sets at 10pm & 11pm

except LAST SHOW on March 24th — Sets at 9pm, 10pm & 11pm.

Reservations may be made by phoning the Keefer at (604) 688-1961.

(Please note that we the performers are unable to reserve seats; please phone the Keefer directly).

This partnership was a wonderful and rewarding step in the history of our troupe, and the perfect evolution from Dollhouse (2006 – 2010). We are forever grateful to all those who have come to see us thrive here over the years and all our sponsors who have made the night possible, including Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Cointreau, East Vanity Parlour, Pin-Up Perfection Photography,  Black Opal, Fubufoto, Mark Brennan Photography, Lace Embrace Atelier, Dani, Cam & of course all our family behind the bar.

We’ll be back every once and awhile with one-off shows, so stay tuned for that as well as updates on our next big projects!

Huge love,

The Sweet Soul grrlz

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