There’s Always Room For Giallo

With August rapidly approaching I am finally able to share some good news. There’s nothing I enjoy savouring more than a secret (well, no… I like alfresco make outs, a good oaky white wine and new stockings worn with high heels and nothing more) but sharing this with the world was worth the wait. I had held my tongue, not an easy task, but last Wednesday I was given the green light to release the hounds, let the cat out of the bag, and tell the world.

It won’t catch anyone off balance that I’m fond of the gents at Astron-6. These mad geniuses are the brains behind Manborg and Father’s Day, both hugely amazing genre films, they are Casanovas of Can-Con camp, and low budget cowboys who’ve never let lack of funds stop them from making highly entertaining movies. It does my Canuck heart proud to know that these guys, along with the Soskas, Jason Eisener, and Jovanka Vuckovic to name a few, are putting Canada on the genre-film map, bringing legendary stories to the screen a la Cronenburg, George C Scott, and Fawcet. Aside from the sense of patriotic pride, it also gives our filmmaking a thematic national identity. While someone can talk to you about the mood or tone of a film by saying it’s Japanese or Italian style horror, you know exactly what they are talking about. For a long time if you said ‘Canadian horror’ people might think of a lumberjack accident or something to that effect.

However, after their love letter to 80′s VHS awesomeness and their homage to grindhouse, the boys are at it again with their next feature, The Editor – a giallo-style film. With Argento sensibilities, a story that’s slicker than owl shit on a doorknob, this promises to be one of the coolest scripts I’ve read. Think Cat O’Nine Tails crossed with good ol’ fashioned Astron-6 charm. I know, I’m pretty excited about it too…

… The difference now is I’ll be joining their ranks in the cast.

I won’t lie, when I got the email asking if I would be interesting in auditioning, I did a Snoopy dance not unlike the one I did when asked to audition for American Mary. Again, I busted out some tricks for the audition video and again, I wound up topless. I don’t know that Matt and Adam necessarily WANTED me to do that, but I figure it helped with AM, and who am I to mess with a successful formula? To say I was flattered is an understatement. Again, here I was getting the chance to make a movie with people who’s work I held in very high regard. And again, it was at the Rio theatre I had seen their films. I am beginning to suspect that the Rio has some good juju for me, because all the filmmakers I’ve worked with, I’ve seen their stuff on that screen. I’m beginning to no longer question coincidence, and just accept that it’s the fabric for magic.

So I’m very pleased to be part of this cast and this project. The other thing that I have respect for is refusal to lick the Hollywood arse – the Astron-6 boys are doing an Indie-Go-Go campaign to crowd source funds to get this film made. By doing this to raise capital, it frees them from being beholden to producers/studios who enjoy interjecting with their ideas, hindering the filmmakers from doing their job, and their tendency to be general nuisances. I could be wrong; there may be awesome producers out there who aren’t like that at all. New Hollywood might be a a utopia of well-meaning champions of art. But – and I hate to be critical here – I’m fairly certain you could kiss the ass of the people who fall into that category in the industry and not wind up with chapped lips…

With this Indie-Go-Go campaign the guys aren’t just straight up asking for handouts – in addition to helping support an awesome story, they are willing to trade you stuff in return for your donation… different levels get you different gifts of thanks. So you will have the satisfaction of knowing your showing the larger studios that this is the kind of film your willing to back yourself if they’re busy throwing their lucre into the black hole that is sequels and reboots, and also a chance to get some nifty keepsakes too. So, if your interested in donating (and trust me, the perks are pretty cool) and forgoing that bottle of whiskey, or passing on hooker and blow this weekend, you can check out the campaign here…


In the meantime, I’ll be prepping for shooting in the dog days of summer, trying to rehearse my lines will at Bass Coast with the Sweet Soul Burlesque girls, and trying not to get too much sun. I wouldn’t want a harsh beach tan to ruin the magical giallo lighting come August.

Hugs and hisses,

Little Miss Risk

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