Valley Of The Rats & Love Is Dead

What's this? more giallo? don't mind if I do...

What’s this? more giallo? don’t mind if I do…

The producers of the feature film The Valley of the Rats (Vince D’AmatoWill Carne and David Aboussafy) are excited as hell to announce the addition of scream queen superstar Tristan Risk(American Mary, The Editor) to the cast of The Valley of the Rats, a feature film going to camera April 28, 2016 in Vancouver. 

The Valley of the Rats is a neo-giallo thriller written and directed by Vince D’Amato, director of the visually dazzling features Glass and Reversed, inspired by the lurid stylized Italian horror-mystery thrillers of the 1970s that also served as inspiration for Tristan Risk’s past stunning film The Editor.

Tristan Risk recently won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Innsmouth at the 2016 Vancouver International Badass Film Festival. Tristan Risk is currently filming as the title role in the feature film Ayla, co-produced by David Aboussafy, and stars in the new epic feature film Frankenstein Created Bikers which has its world premiere April 2nd, 2016 at the Atlanta Film Festival.

The Valley of the Rats is a co-production of Creepy Six Films, Will Carne Productions, Generativity Productions, and Brivido Giallo produzione cinematografica.

So, there is that, and as well, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll also be working with Jerry Smith in his short film LOVE IS DEAD along with Burning Angels star, Aaron ‘Small Hands’ Thompson and Ruben Pia. We’ve launched  a Kickstarter campaign, and are a Kickstarter favourite! If you are curious about LOVE IS DEAD, be sure to click HERE to watch the pitch (and hopefully crack open that piggy bank!)

Crowdfunding time!

Crowdfunding time!

Have a wonderful Sunday, lovers and sinners!


Little Miss Risk


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