Visions for 2013…

Doing what comes naturally. Photo by David Denofreo @ Black Opal Images

It’s that strange limbo time. The space that hangs between western New Year, which begins Jan.1st, and the Chinese New Year which begins Feb. 10th. It’s here, hanging in this calendar abyss, that I feel comes the time for sensing changes coming on. My Cassandra Complex hard at work (great band name BTW, someone should note that). While most of the Western World is getting intoxicated in a race to beat midnight on Dec. 31 and make hasty commitments of character and lifestyle change, I am taking this morningside period to reflect on where myself and my extended tribe having been and where we are going to…

In the past, I’d normally scatter the dregs of my tea leaves or shoddily made Americano’s coffee grinds and try to scry something significant, or else consult my Brian Froud Faery Oracle (or possibly the Tarot Of The Cat People if the mood takes me. Tarot cards are like haute high heels; you don’t want to limit yourself down to just one set). But I’m of a decidedly more modernistic bent, and I use either my good old-fashioned fey witchy intuition, or my iPod oracle. The iPod oracle is easy for anyone to use: you visualize your question, hit ‘random’ on your iPod and the song that comes up gives you your answer. Fortune telling for our digital age.

Topless in winter in Prince George. Myself, Crystal Precious, Lola Frost, Cherry On Top. Photo by the brave Mykro Douglas

Sweet Soul Burlesque

So something is in my sibylline foretellings for 2013… I’ll start first with the West Coast Sassmasters, the ladies of my troupe Sweet Soul Burlesque… Exciting events are on the horizon as in February we celebrate our ten year centennial, Crystal Precious releases her first full-length debut album (produced by Self Evident) along with a video for her first single that will enjoy viral internet infamy a la Jenna Marbles-styles. Lola Frost will continue to spread whimsy and charm in Vancouver and beyond, further tangling the burlesque world and the denizens of the normal world in her unique vision that promotes beauty, art, and love. And lots of making out. Cherry On Top will continue to delight, both on the decks for Kitty Nights every week at the Biltmore as residence DJ as well as hone and introduce more visually orgasmic routines. She will also continue her Tropical Punch Booty Shake classes at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre which will continue to make my shins sweat and have me gasping for breath like a waterless fish. Cara Milk will embark on the path of motherhood, and have to deal with Crystal Precious and I dressing her small child up in ridiculous outfits, taking photos, and cackling. Rita Star has two mega secret projects on the go, neither of which I’m allowed to post about, but when I am, this will be the hot spot for the gossip tip-off, and they will be MIGHTY.

Sorry guys, these things happen.

Women In Horror 2013

I KNOW you’ve been following my blog/Twitter/Facebook, because you know all about American Mary, the ridiculous success it’s had and how it’s a kick at the darkness for female directors, independent horror, and a strike for original ideas. While I’ve got every certainty that American Mary will be the film which serves as the nucleosynthesis which launches the Soska sisters (aka the Twisted Twins), into filmmaking supernova territory. I truly hope it helps push the door further open for Women in Horror such as Nadine L’Esperance of Blue Girl Productions, Hannah Neurotica of Axe Wound, Bloody Betty of Love You Dead Productions, and more. I feel in 2013 that this genre will become stronger than ever and help to invite and include more female artists in the horror genre, and prove that if we can’t beat the boys, we’ll join them… and then potentially stuff their bodies in crab traps off the coast in Desolation Sound and never have to worry about society inviting comparisons… *cough* Ahem.

He’s totally playing Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend”. You can tell.

Other Cool Shit

So I’ve a few more prophecies for the coming year: Two local Vancouver writers will release books that are collections of words and photos, respectively. Named one of the National Post’s ’30 Under 30′, the red-headed wordsmith and downtown courtesan Sandra O’Connell will release (under my duress) a book with a collection of her writing. Mostly because when I try to recreate what I felt when I read it in relating it to another person I lose something in the translation. Also alcohol is usually a factor. Also Vancouver’s answer to Hemingway and Herzog combined, Baron S Cameron will be releasing a book documenting his life amoung Vancouver’s  burlesque scene. Kind of like Jane Goodall and the chimps but less hair, more whiskey and a deluge of sparkles.

CrowsNest will continue to bring to the attention of the general public good music and save the soul of hardcore. With Anchoress‘ cover of Andrew WK’s ‘It’s Time To Party’ along with video released this year there will be another wave of ruined white tshirts stained crimson. Also on the music front, the Lighta! crew will persist in expanding my musical horizons with mixes from Taal Mala, Michael Red and Max Ulis, as well as getting my ass out of the house and down to the Astoria occasionally for Ting! on Thursday nights. LWSD will continue to make wonderful music and one-up me in the headwear department at every outdoor music festival this summer.

Sin City and Sanctuary will keep upping the ante on over-the-top special fetish events allowing me to do my fantasy routine of being a mermaid underwater while doing a submerged straightjacket escape. Probably in August. Just sayin’…

So there you go. Your predictions from me on 2013. In the meantime I’m getting ready for Lunar New Year coming. With it comes the Black Snake, and I’m ready to hiss underwater under a full moon.

You ready?

Voodoo soothsayer and crystal-gazer… photo by Voodoo Bill


Hugs and hisses,

Little Miss Risk


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One Response to Visions for 2013…

  1. JerseyJesus says:

    I predict I will revisit a far away land and encounter nymphs from my past who share their hearts as quickly as they shed their garments. As well as those I had only encountered from afar will now have open opportunities to experience the warmth I offer to them through touch.


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