WORLD PREMIERE: Frankenstein Created Bikers at Atlanta Film Festival

Oh baby....

Oh baby….

May of last year, I got together with a dedicated group of bikers, weirdos, visionaries and film folks and we shot this crazy genre film on 35mm. Probably one of the last independant films to be shot on 35mm, actually… Our baby is all grown up and this demented debutant is finally making the first appearance at the 40th anniversary of the Atlanta Film Festival!

There will be a reunion of sorts with cast and crew, and given that we were all going to beat the band when we were filming, there wasn’t a lot of time for schmoozing with one another. However that’s going to change at the premier! I’m so thrilled to see this masterpiece of grind house on the big screen, finally!

World premiere of Frankenstein Created Bikers is Saturday, April 2 at Atlanta Film Festival



Buy your tickets now!

See you down South, lovers and sinners!
Little Miss Risk

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One Response to WORLD PREMIERE: Frankenstein Created Bikers at Atlanta Film Festival

  1. David Ledford says:

    Premieres on my birthday!link for tickets??and was it filmed in north Georgia??

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