Call Girl Comic – Free Online!

Art begets art. At least that’s my theory that it is if you are doing it right. So it would seem fitting that Jill Sixx’s Call Girl starring Laurence Harvey and myself, would cause a rippled of excitement. It caused such a ripple that it was felt across the Pacific ocean and answered  by artist Daiju Kurabayashi with producer Hiro Fujii in the form of a comic adaptation. 


For anyone who’s known me for any length of time, you’ll know that Sailor Moon was my gateway to anime, and from that I’ve spent many hours watching animated films from Japan. I still love Battle Angel Alita and Vampire Princess Miyu and they remain two of my die-hard favourites. It’s always been a longing of mine to play muse to an artist and wind up between the pages of a manga.

So not only have these wonderful gents made this amazing comic, they have very generously offered it online for free. They have since gone on to begin work to adapt Luchagore’s short film, ‘El Gigante’, which was based on the book, Muerte Con Carne by Shane McKenzie. I hear they are working up a little magic for another Jill’s films, ‘Grammy’. Proof that art inspires art, and that we all must be doing something right, if not at least for one another.

I’m going to do my best to be a carrier rat in the plague of joy. You can check out the Call Girl comic HERE.

Hugs and hisses, and voodoo kisses,

Little Miss Risk

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2 Responses to Call Girl Comic – Free Online!

  1. Hiro Fujii says:

    Thank you Tristan for posting sweet words for us! Sorry I haven’t noticed sooner. I just found it. I need to tell Daiju asap. He’ll be stunned. He’ll be so happy to read your words. Yes. Arts inspires art. I feel myself how lucky I am. Going through the CALL GIRL COMIC, Daiju and I met a lot of people, we experienced so many happy things. We treasure it. Couldn’t thank more. We love you, Jill, Laurence, Eric and all other people who helped us. By the way you would do Sailor Moon cosplay sometime? It is gonna be awesome!

  2. Brian Larimer says:

    For free online copy of Call Girl. I loved the short and the awesome art that it inspired. I am a fan of all of Jill Sixx productions. I am also a huge fan of Tristan Risk!!! Thanks for this gift to the fans!!!

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