FCB: New Artwork!

With the release of the trailer for Frankenstein Created Bikers out and about and loose on the Internet, with it has come people’s reactions. While no one has yet gotten the pitchforks and torches ready yet (thankfully) our horror family’s response as been very favourable. Case in point, Lou Rusconi’s painting of my character, Val. I’m flattered and excited beyond belief that the film is capturing people’s hearts and imaginations with it’s deranged degenerates before it’s even been released. It’s no opening weekend to Deadpool, but fuck it, I’ll totally take it!



Behold! The awesomeness that is the painting in question!
“VAL” 24″ x  30″ acrylic on canvas

Happy ‘Val’entine’s Day, lovers and sinners!

Little Miss Risk

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