Notorious Vancouver: Bloody Betty

The thrill of the hunt.

Because I am a well-rounded person, I feel that learning survival skills is a reasonable use of my time. While scanning through a section on how to protect yourself from a ferocious beast. Tips included making yourself look big, standing your ground, find a defensive object, so on and so forth. Strangely, this body of work failed to mention making friends with the beast, fending it off by feeding it beer, and finding common ground. When I first met Bloody Betty she was, appropriately enough, playing the Queen of the Dead in a live production of Ed Wood’s Orgy Of The Dead. As years have passed for us both since the first sweaty, beer-soaked night in the Brickyard in Vancouver on the corner of Abbott and Carrall we’ve both grown older, wiser and gained bloodstains on our favourite outfits. But over the course of years, this strange and wonderful creature warmed the cockles of my heart, and we wound up sharing some of the most hilarious adventures across North America that one can have in the back of a band tour bus. As it’s Women In Horror month, I want to call attention to one of the most bass-ass chicks it’s my pleasure to know, and who not only does great gorelesque does all your favourite movie effects live and before your eyes.

I give you: Bloody Betty.

Feeding time.

Tristan Risk: You’ve been a notorious part of Vancouver’s burlesque and performance scene for years now. How did you first get started in town?

Bloody Betty: There are so many stories that I have told over the years I can no longer remember which one is the truth. It doesn’t help that my anti-psychotic medication seems to have been tampered with lately and my delusions, hallucinations and multiple personalities seem to be amplified more than usual. In fact I’m not even sure which one of us you are talking to right now. Holy shit! Did you see that? I’m pretty sure that octopus just crawled out of your butt. GO BACK TO HELL YOU ANAL-DWELLING SPAWN OF POSIEDON!

TR: You’ve produced/performed in your shows that range from Villains to Famous Outlaws to Phobias and Fetishes. What’s been some of your favourite shows?

BB: They all all the physical manifestations of the malevolent gutter that is my brain so as my twisted little spawn I love them all. Like the proud inventor who has created a monster through creating life, I am proud of the all the monsters I have created through death. BUT biased or not “SERIAL KILLERS” was and will always be the one I am most proud of for the glorification of human tragedy that we made all too real for our audience. A close second was the “DISEASES” show which through the use of graphic biological violence  brought on extreme nausea to many viewers.

TR: You and the Deadly Sins are on a non-performance related night out. What shenanigans do you get into? 

BB: Well The Graffenstyne Creature (Gluttony) is always hungry so we would start by hitting up a local elementary school for a quick bite. From there we would probably need to satisfy the sexual appetite of The Baroness le Croix (Lust) so next stop would be a gay bar of sorts where we could sodomize everyone and thing that we happen upon us. About this time Becca Gaijin (Sloth) would say she was coming up off her downers and we would make a stop on main and hastings where we would sharpen our knives on the ribcages of a skeezy drug dealer or 2 before ditching their bodies in a dumpster. At this point I would have to climb into the dumpster to pull hot and bothered Baroness off the corpses so Burns The Dragon (Greed) could then rob them and light the dumpsters on fire. This is when we would all strip naked and dance in the light of the flames summoning Satan to accompany us to the Strip club where we would pick up Nympho Vainiac (Vanity) who has been taking her sweet-ass time fixing her face with makeup she stole off the dancers she sold bad drugs to. I would have a look at the dead strippers to see if they were worthy of filling in for our now-vacant position of Envy. Here’s when I would probably have to talk Sherry Hymen (Wrath) out of locking the doors and gunning down the patrons since it’s one of the only bars we can still hang out in. She would make some crazy excuse like “these people are all responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent puppies and they deserve to die” knowing I have a soft spot for puppies I would probably say “OK, Sherry, do what ya want” but then as a compromise  we would then go light some local churches on fire under my instruction where Satan, and I would do things together that would make the writings of The Marquis De Sade look like nursery rhymes in comparison and we would call it a night.

It happens. Some ladies don’t just stay dead.

TR: There’ve been a lot of fakers and contenders to the gore-lesque throne. How can we recognize a pretender from the genuine article? 

BB: Well usually about the time when they pull out a beer pitcher of blood and pour it on their tits. Or one of many performers who use the term Gorelesque for any Burlesque act that contains a connotation of the horror genre. If it doesn’t involve reasonable special effects and actual creativity it’s not Gorelesque. Oh yeah it also has to make you feel extremely guilty for enjoying it. If you go home and cut yourself about it then it’s definitely Gorelesque. As far as I have seen, there are only 2 troupes around that fit this bill. While of course we are one of them there is a annual production in Australia called “Gorelesque” which has definitely embodied a lot of these aspects of this genre. As I have never seen them portray real-life human depravity nor make me uncomfortable mentally or physically we still win. (Wink)

TR: Who are you top five favourite serial killers?

BB: While 5 is just not enough I will list my 6 TOP favourites, but there are so many more who inspire me on a daily basis.

JEFFREY DAHMER: his extreme lack of social skills paired with an intense desire to be loved aided in creating one of the most creative and sadistic serial killers of modern day. Bonus points for the extremely creative body disposal methods. *Swoon.*

ALBERT FISH: who couldn’t love a 65 year old mentally ill, sexual deviant, pedophile masochist who ate children and wrote a letter to a mother to tell her how her daughter tasted. And that’s just skimming the surface of the depravity of this man’s psyche. The best part was he had children of his own. Dun dun duuuuuuuun.

JEREMY BRUDOS: A cross-dressing foot fetishist who hung women from meat hooks and dressed them up in lingerie before taking their pictures. All this being done in his garage while his wife made him dinner.

CARL PANZRAM: A man with the ultimate disdain for the human race (and well deserved after his childhood and adolescent experiences) he saw rape and murder as the ultimate form of degradation. Nothing was safe in the path of this man who died mocking his executioners saying her could have killed a dozen men in the time he was screwing around. A man after my own heart.

ROSEMARY WEST: The more sadistic party of a serial killer couple who’s sexual and violent appetites were never satisfied. The story of this woman’s life is not for the faint of heart or anyone that enjoys sleeping at night.

BUFFALO BILL: Although he is fictional he was based on 2 very enticing killers and cannot be left off my favourites list. Would you fuck him? I’d fuck him.

Our favourite tooth fairy. No wonder I’m scared of the dentist.

TR:  You’ve ruled stages all over, fronted a G.G. Allen tribute band – do you have any plans to make the leap into the celluloid world?

BB: No that leaves too much photo evidence and attracts too much attention to myself. I still need to maintain some level of anonymity to continue my ongoing murder spree. Live shows also serve as a very successful body disposal method. Slap a couple local F/X shops on your poster and everyone thinks the body parts are fake. Plus very few people come to see me onstage I have heard that I am offensive.

TR: Feb is Women In Horror month – who are some of your female horror inspirations?BB: ELIZABETH/ ERZEBET BATHORY: The Blood Countess and my namesake. Whether the legends are true or not this woman has in inspired my career as a professional killer and fellow bloodluster.  If you do not know who this is I suggest you never speak to me. You will be verbally berated and physically harmed.

Other than that all the big-breasted women who ran up the stairs in slasher flicks. Or the crying girls running through the forest who always trip at the most inopportune time. Thank you. You have served your purpose well.

For fresh shocks you can follow her here on Facebook  or on Twitter as @realbloodybetty

Sorry in advance for all the nightmarish wet dreams…


Little Miss Risk

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