Double Whammy.

I’m going to strut a little here, if I may.

Yesterday, two of my favourite horror news sources both released articles about upcoming projects I’m in. Rue Morgue giving us homegrown love for Save Youself, which I’m off to Toronto shortly to shoot with Ryan M. Andrews directing, and Fangoria for the first look photos of Love Sick.

I may look calm. I may look composed. But on the inside I’m running around in a circle, squeeing, and clapping my hands. Suffice to say, I’m pretty damn excited as well as beyond flattered. Both publications have been major influences on me, and I feel like being recognized by both is huge.

So for those who’d like to check out the respective links…

Rue Morgue talks Save Yourself

Fangoria First Looks At Love Sick And Tusk

And since Fangoria has already posted it, the photo of Francisco Barreiro (HERE COMES THE DEVIL) and I for Love Sick.

Gonna need more than a bandaid for that...

Gonna need more than a bandaid for that…


Hugs and hisses,

Little Miss Risk


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