This all started because I was reading Tom Robbins. Again. I was reading ‘Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates’ when early in the book the author explores the moth and it’s relation to sexuality and desire. This being the season of summer, when a woman’s thoughts are more than likely to turn to thoughts of lust, this stuck in my grey matter. I found myself thinking about the insects and their mating behaviour, their sexual energy, and the translation from that into mammalian human sensuality. It was the passage that follows that served as the catalyst to this train of thought…

Attracted by the lamplight that seeped through the louvers, a mammoth moth beat against the shutters like a storm. Switters watched it with some fascination as he waited for the boys to bring the luggage up from the river The moth was no butterfly, that was certain. It was a night animal, and it had a night animal’s mystery.

Butterflies were delicate and gossamer, but this moth possessed strength and weight. It’s heavy wings were powdered like the face of an old actress. Butterflies were presumed to be carefree, moths were slaves to a fiery obsession. Butterflies were innocuous, moths somehow… erotic. The dust of the moth was a sexual dust. The twitch of the moth was a sexual twitch. Suddenly Switters touched his throat and moaned. He moaned because it occurred to him how much the moth resembled a clitoris with wings.


The heat from this writing spurred my overactive imagination to picture other insects (though I do self-identify with moths, hawk moths, just to be clear) in roles of fetishitic divas. Which brings me to the photos I’ve posted here. With Ed Araquel behind the camera and Teressa Bussey doing the make up, my vision of the Domme Monarch. The Monarch butterfly has both aerial and ground coupling, with the male nudging the female out of the sky and then completing the act on the ground. In the role of a Domme the relation to the word ‘monarch’ which suggests reverence to a queen, as many Dommes would expect from their servants. The following is our visual representation of what we thought that might look like.

Dark Domme Monarch.

Tristan2024_tabbed_tiltshift Tristan1946 Tristan2104 Tristan2099


Photos by Ed Araquel, make up by Teressa Bussey of Dead Heaven Extreme Make Up.


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