Doing The Ra-Ra-Ra-Raccoon!

Ages ago, when we used to tour together,  our drum wizard, J.T. Massacre found me this little gem.

Anyone who has been following this blog for any length of time knows I have a mild, slightly deranged, obsession with raccoons. This has translated into a number of Davy Crockett hats, stuffed raccoons, and so on.  It’s actually all starting to get out of hand, really. However, this is not only a nifty little piece of music, but it has a little cultural snippet of the age.

Shortly before the Great Depression an elite group of young white Americans comprised the carefree culture that reigned on university campuses across the country. In raccoon coats with school flags held high, these collegiates embraced upbeat big band music and its whimsical lyrics. So “Doing The Raccoon” had to do more with high spirits at football games rather than bestiality.

Also, Teddy Smooth, host of Cabaradio, comprised a awesome playlist of all the music I’d bring home from tour for him. If your interested in listening to the show, you can check it out here or every Tuesday night on CiTR. It’s pretty awesome.

In the meantime, however, at Haus Of Boudoir, ‘doing the raccoon’ means something entirely different.


Little Miss Risk

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