Let Us Pray…

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Church of Lingerie. My sermon today is on the value of stealth sexy. Please, let us join hands and pray.

Our one true Lord, who has favoured us with Chantilly lace, we come to you together to pray for the salvation of those who have sinned. Let us show the many that still insist on boring, old, or worn out undergarments, to accept the love of silk, satin, and lace into their lives. Let them not be tempted to fall into old patterns of wearing broken underthings under the guise of ‘comfy’. Please guide them and show them the everlasting joy of silk underthings which is both durable, sexy, and of great comfort.


We will now pour our sparkling wine and serve brunch for communion while DJ K-Tel leads us in a hymn (or several dozen).






Praying for your sins (so you’ll commit more of them!)

Little Miss Risk


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  1. If that’s church, bring me more often.

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