Nice And Tight? ‘Corset’ It Is!

Okay, so this is the resurrection of my old blog. I had been keeping one for,  oh, like ten years and then I started blogging more or less exclusively for Big John Bates. As I’m no longer with the band I figured I’d bring the focus back to my life or AB – After Bates. It was a good run but out with the old, in with the new, blah, blah, blah. However life tends to happen when your not sealed in a bus going from city to city, so between Dec.11th to pretty much March 1st, my life has felt like I was flinging myself from gig to gig, day to day and trying to juggle work and the equal amount of work-related socializing that goes along with my lifestyle choices.

Hello, my name is Little Miss Risk, and I’m a workaholic.

Not that there’s anything wrong with having a healthy drive but the trick is to focus. So while I was in circus rehearsal, practicing suspension, going to the Yukon with Sweet Soul, going to Victoria with the Deadly Sins, and working three jobs I kind of got a little unhinged. I figured a housecleaning of sorts was in order. So with the changing of the seasons from winter to spring, I ushered in two new lifestyle changes: a cleanse (Wild Rose) and waist training (Lace Embrace). I figured that I would shed all the excess poisons from my body and with regular gym/tantra/yoga/dance sessions and I would emerge phoenix-like from the ashes of the old. What better to accentuate this than with my latest endeavour, (aside from suspension)? Waist training with corsets!

For those of you not au fait with the term, waist training is basically wearing a corset for between fourteen to twenty-three hours a day with the idea that your body will be able to reduce smaller and smaller at the waist. Your body, when not wearing a corset will start to mimic this naturally, when your not wearing a corset as well. The more hardcore (Cathy Jung, Dita Von Teese,
Mr.Pearl, Vampira) go towards the 23-hours-a-day end of things. I plan to fall in a happy medium thereabouts since I spend at least eight to five of those asleep so those should be easy. It seems like fun and a lot less scary than having a great deal of my body tattooed.

So luckily for me, I work at a corset shop in Vancouver (as well as East Vanity Parlour and  certain East Van powerhouse). Actually, not to put too fine a point on it, the ONLY corset shop in Vancouver. Lace Embrace Atelier plays hosts to such notable tightlacers as the aforementioned (Dita, Cathy) and I hope to join their ranks over time. But it does take time; these changes won’t happen overnight. When we started this experiment, on March 2nd I measured 26 inches in the waist (I’m a little plush this winter, it would seem) and was lacing to 20/22 comfortably. I have since been wearing the corset for six to seven hours
during the day and then for eight hours at night. Total thus far: fourteen hours a day consistently for two days.

This isn’t to say that it has agreed with my body right out of the gate. Cleanse, remember? On this particular one I am getting a little cranky (I am assured that’s normal) and my insides have been making ominous bubbling sounds, like what I imagine the inside of a lava lamp to sound like. Normally when I am this grouchy I have a cocktail, but no booze for another eight days. The problem with this cleanse is it’s trying to get all the built up toxins out. My problem is I’m really good at putting toxins in my body. A little too good at it. But I figure if this is the most awkward getting-used-to-wearing-the-corset-for-long-periods part in conjunction with the I’m-bloated-I-want-a-cupcake-and-a-cocktail phase then the rest of the this month should be a snap.

Or in this case, a cinch.

I’ll keep you posted.

Little Miss Risk

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One Response to Nice And Tight? ‘Corset’ It Is!

  1. Elaine Day says:

    It is honestly uncomfortable at first, but that was also the case with skinny jeans and heels at first. After a while, it feels natural. I have had a bad back, but corsets have made me feel better. It’s incredible.

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