Restricted (My Waist And My Images)

So I was going to kick off this blog post with an update on my waist training, which for those interested, is going well. Instead, I think I’m going to drag out my soapbox, give it a dusting off, and heave myself up onto it. I was trying to access my Facebook earlier today and was told that one of my photos had been flagged, and was being removed due to inappropriate content. The one that was deemed inappropriate was discreetly banded over my exposed chest and the rest of me, while in a bathtub with a octopus and tentacles, was concealed entirely by large, lush rose petals. You could see my head, part of my torso and the ends of my extremities. I have been photographed in far skimpier circumstances and usually wearing bacon, also posted to Facebook, but I think Facebook likes bacon over calamari. The sad fact is that some random nutjob is flagging all photos by the photographer I worked with, and has nothing to do with the content. This strikes me as a odd set up that they have free reign to do this.

The idea that the Facebook restrictions in place is a good idea, in theory. So we don’t get bombarded with pornographic or upskirt type shots that seemed to plague MySpace after a fashion, but like so many other things that seem a good idea, we got off the path and blundered somehow into a bad situation a la Pulp Fiction. While I don’t need to see a dozen amateur photos of girls ass cheeks through white cotton panties, I do resent that someone can decide MY photo, which is an artistic statement, is inappropriate and it’s removed right away, but I have no recourse and there is no way to demonstrate that it is not inappropriate. The whole system is kind of messed up that way. My idea for resolution is simple: Make Facebook an over 18 site only. If your kid is on Facebook, they are doing one of three things: a) Wasting time b) Not reading a book c) Jerking off to a photo of a classmate or potentially being stalked by a pedophile. Like booze, drugs and kinky sex, somethings are just better left to consenting adults and you may as well wait to make these mistakes for yourself as an adult like the rest of us.

Having said that, the beauty of my blog is that I CAN post the uncensored photos here and there is no one to take them down or flag them. So, from Anathema Photography, here’s the Underwater Love series in all their glory. No shame.

Enjoy the rest of Danielle’s shots.

Now onto other restricted items. Good restricted items. I measured my waist today I am at 25 inches. I have also lost five pounds from my cleanse, but I attribute that to no gluten, dairy, booze or anything that is fun in the culinary world. So between the gym, the Wild Rose, and corsets I’ve taken an inch off of the middle, and I know very well that it’s not water weight, since I’ve been drinking water as fast as I can pour it. Actually, the gym and the corset seem to suit each other well; while I’m not wearing it during the work out, when I get dressed after I notice other women in the locker room gazing at my undergarments and quietly taking note of my corset as I put it on and cinch it up under my clothes. I can usually feel their eyes on me and smile and see them smile back sheepishly and ask if it’s comfortable. I like telling them that yes it is, and that I like the way it makes me look and feel. Two ladies came over and asked to touch it, and seemed struck by the idea of not just shuffling out of the gym in sweats or baggy clothes. I’ve handed out many a LEA card to these ladies and recommended the following: get a bra fitting (because the body changes and a good fitting bra is awesome), find something to wear that makes you feel wonderful whether it’s a piece of jewellery, a great pair of kicks or, in my case a corset.

Corset vocabulary: Dior pleat: The cleavage created in the back when tightlaced with a corset. Can be covered with a modesty panel, or your date’s jacket if it’s cold out.

My Dior pleat have been suffering a little because the Faminette style corset I’ve been wearing has standard cotton laces. This is fine when I have been wearing it over clothes, or with a camisole, but against the skin for long hours has made my skin a little red. My solution has been to put lotion on my skin and let the back breathe a bit now and then. I picked up a cotton coutil training corset to wear under my clothes in the same style today and sleep in. I’m wearing it as a type now and find it’s quite comfortable to work in. I also feel the new laces which are a waxed cotton to be more comfortable. And after examining my Dior pleat indentation before my shows have decided that I now can only date men who a) have a stocking/leg/shoe/foot fetish and b) a corset/corset lines left on the body fetish. Otherwise things will get a little stilted.

Now to take a breath and enjoy the evening in the finest type of restricted fashion…

Bon Nuit.
Little Miss Risk

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