Theatre Review: Spectral Theatre’s LNDF: The Omega Complex/Dweller In The Dark

My liver has stopped whimpering since the last Spectral party I attended. Though I wasn’t the latest person to leave, I still managed to enter an alcoholic fugue as I do at these things. I’m happy to report that I woke up in my own bed, fake lashes and make up off, though strangely enough I was spooning all my pillows and my iPhone. Drunken Autopilot is a funny thing, sometimes. Regardless, I finally mustered up the courage to return for the opening of Spectral’s Late Night Double Feature.

For those of you who are not au fait with Spectral’s LNDF, the company bills itself as ‘theatre for people who don’t like theatre’ and offers two short plays as it’s format. The content is in the same vein as Tales From The Crypt or Twilight Zone: each play focuses on the fantastic, the horrific, the science frivolous or the exploitation. The intermissions punctuate this allowing patrons to visit the bar or bathroom and the player to mop up the worst of the blood spills and switch up the set.

I was here on opening because if your able to hit two shows in the run, the opening and the closing are the best. The two shows evolve over their run and are often wildly different by the end, with the wrap party at the end *ahem* definitely worth hanging around for. Just make sure that you don’t work the next day because I can endorse from personal experience, you’ll be wishing for a strychnine enema to kill your hangover. But I digress…

The first show was The Omega Complex. Written by Desmond Hussey and directed by Gregory Milne, it stars Leah Day and Johnny Gingell and is straight up sci-fi doomed future steez. With scary Big Brother overtones and a side helping of mind control (and all the fun biology mumbo-jumbo that causes me to fondly recall reading Alan Dean Foster) I got somewhat distracted. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good show, but I usually prefer comedy to drama (unless it’s contemporary dance – in which case more drama, please). However that was a personal taste thing and didn’t reflect upon the cast. Actually, the second way I was distracted was when Karly Palmer, the little scamp, whispered to me that Miss Day was like a female Jeff Goldblum. Yup, trying to watch the rest of the show with a lady boner was a challenge, but I made it.

The second act, Dweller In The Dark, was more up my alley. A Lovecraftian feel that felt like it was loosely based on a tale from The Dunwich Horror. Directed by Ryan Caron and written by Desmond Hussey, it stars Karin Atkinson, Andressa Ester, Andrew Green, Jeff Hoffman and Cheryl-Jean Leo. It starts with a hideous murder in an old estate followed by the disappearance of an eccentric artist. This play I enjoyed very much for two key reasons: Scooby Doo style chase scene, which isn’t easy to achieve in Spectral and harkened me back to my childhood. The second being two words: French Maid. My only critique again wasn’t the performance but just the costume which could have been shorter and fluffier, but I won’t take points off for not being as tarty as I would have liked. This time.

So there you are: If your craving the feeling of hiding under the blankets telling ghost stories… with beer… or you have a date with your best sci-fi geek, this is a good choice. Tickets are available in advance online which is advisable on busy nights here: but they are also available at the door. Hit up Perch or Fat Dragon for pre-show meal then get ready for shit to get weird.

Until then, I’m back under my sheets reading porn and Ray Bradbury.


Little Miss Risk


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