Vote, Vote, Vote.

There was once a time whenever I heard the word ‘vote’ the assosiciation I put it with was “for me in this online pin up contest”. Now that I no longer compete in said contests (which are on the scamy side anyway) and a little older and wiser vote has a different connotation. Like, as in deciding your governing body. As we currently have a idiot Conservative Prime Minister, who it seems is interested in governing our bodies (Pro-life, anti-gay marriage, arts-fund slasher) it’s time to step up and turn it out. If anything to work towards a better Canada but to literally save our skins.

I was going to write a lengthy discourse about how you should vote, why it’s important, blah, blah, blah. Instead I’ll take a well written blog from my friend Crystal “I Write Better Political Blogs Than LMR” Precious. This is a repost. An important one. My contribution is flipping Stephen “Kitten Killah” Harper in the photo and that is my red sparkly shoe in his stupid homophobic face. I present:



So whatever, apparently the Canadian government is putting ELECTIONS in the middle of my sooooper busy schedule. HELLOOOOOOO, this is supposed to be the most joyful time of year (aka the Burlesque Festival next weekend!). G-strings are snapping, heels are clicking, Dress-Sew is cha-chinging and my giddy hand-clapping / air-humping speeds are increasing with staggering velocity. Obviously it’s like SO distracting to have to see Stephen Harper’s SUPER unsassy face like 80 times a day and hear about his evil plans to destroy everything that I hold near and dear (i.e. art, gays & abortions, so you know, basicially shit I need to live). SO FUCKING INCONVENIENT.

I guess this means that even though I’m totally swamped with UBER-important duties like making undies shaped like pie, smuggling crystal-encrusted toilets over the border and talking to the press about bloodwrestling, at some point I’ll need to put down the glue gun, go to an offensively colour-schemed gymnasium and put a check next to someone’s fucking name so that the Harper government doesn’t futher impede my ultimate life’s work of being really, REALLY fucking fabulous. Sigh.

I figured that if you’re anything like me (i.e. barely dressed and sort of drunk most of the time), you’ll probably also find this idea somewhat unappealing. So I’ve come up with a step-by-step program designed to help alleviate any questions, efforts and general distaste around this whole “voting” business so that you can just get ‘er done and get back at it. After all, exercising our democratic right doesn’t have to suck THAT much. Right?
I give you:

The Crystal Precious Bitch Grrl Guide to Voting – By Crystal Precious

Step 1 – Ignore all election propaganda EXCEPT MINE.

Moooo hahahahahah. Ok really though, I know this is a ballsy-ass bitch thing to say, but uhhh… we have met right? I mean, you can read and research all that shit if you want to, but unless you like feeling overwhelmed, infuriated, bored and FRUSTRATED by all the biased-anyway shit on the internet and in the press, lemme tell you a secret: for THIS ELECTION, plain and simple, it’s all about bringing Harper down. Dude is pretty much living in the stone-age… he’s the ultimate homophobic arts-raping capatilist war-mongering douche nozzle. He nose is so far up Bush’s ass that you know he’s about to start building pipes from the tar sands right into Washington’s frickin’ helicopter gas tanks. DO NOT TRUST THE BEEDY EYES. Case in point: anyone who needs to take pictures of himself with a kitten to prove he’s not evil has “OVERCOMPENSATION” screaming from every pore. You just can’t argue with me on that one.

Now beyond my dramatic psycho-hose-beast rant insults (soooo satisfying), this sums it up: just because I like wearing DRESSES from the 50?s doesn’t mean I feel like RE-defending our right to choose, working for equal pay or eating pussy if I feel like it, UMMMMMMMkayyyy??? I’m too busy. MMmmffffmurgle.

Step 2 – Figure Out Who To Vote For by going to and typing in your postal code.
It might seem sketchy to blindly follow the advise of this site, but it’s pretty legit. If this were any other year I would encourage you to “educate yourself, make your own decisions, really get in touch with how you feel, blah blah blah”, but honestly, because of the support the Conservative (Harper) govenment has with religious and brainwashed old-school voters, voting for the candidate you actually believe might actually not be helpful this time around. The need is to defeat the Conservatives / “Tories” in enough ridings to prevent Harper’s evil minions from getting the most seats in parliament and therefore being able to dominate the vote on every bloody decision with smug little smiles from hell. Sometimes that means voting for some asshole you probably wouldn’t have. Fine. If I can tolerate Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy for seven fucking seasons, I’m pretty sure I can vote for a Liberal if I have to. Luckily I live in a riding where an NDP win is pretty much guaranteed so I don’t have to. But I would. PS: Faith = so hot.

Step 3 – Grab your ID
… if you can find the pants you were wearing on Tuesday when you last went out drinking, which I can’t but whatever. You can also grab some mail with your address on it, or your health card and someone with ID who is willing to swear you live where you live. Either one works.

Despite what you may have heard, it’s SO RIDICULOUSLY easy to register and vote. It’s wayyyyyy easier than other annoying things, like, say, flagging down a server at Foundation, ordering a fancy coffee when you’re stoned (SO HARD) or convincing the Fido assholes that it’s NOT FUCKING WATER DAMAGE. You can register at exactly the same place and time of voting right before, or online.
Just click on the damn link:

It tells you what you need as far as ID (tons of options, I’m sure you have one of them), where to go and when. It’s very easy and clear. Even my mom could do it and she generally has a panic attack about anything related to computers or the internet. Sorry Mom. You’re getting better. I love you.

Step 4 – Make a plan as to WHEN YOU ARE GOING to vote. Enlist partners in crime who will shame you to follow through. 
This way you have someone to help you get your shit together on the day of in case you get really busy being hungover or (shudder) working. I find that it’s helpful to promise yourself rewards and or / fun activities to do do afterwards with your voting friends, i.e. Tristan and I are going to vote together & then we are going to Ghetto Mall to look at new fun hooker shoes (yayyy!!!). TRY not to plan the time you are voting near the last minute, because inevitably you will get distracted by the delivery guy or the end of True Blood or the seductively growing comments list on your recent status update (that FB shit is evil, I swear these fuckers are trying to get us to miss our whole damn lives).

Step 5 – Vote damn you.
Once in the afore-mentioned ghastly school gymnasium, just keep your eyes on the prize. Ignore all the muggles who are muttering under their breath at you. They’re just jealous of your outfits. They can’t actually smell the whiskey on your breath or see the glitter from last night’s show still smeared on your eyes, TRUST ME. And if anyone gets too close, just yell “YAY CANUCKS!” (apparently that’s some hockey team… it will distract them and make them like you, at least long enough for you check the right box and shove your ballot in the slot thing).

Step 6 – Feel great about being PATRIOTIC and laugh maniacally when Stephen Harper FAILS to OPPRESS US
I recommend a deep, deep belly laugh beginning with MOOOOO HAHAHHAHAAHHAHhahahahaha. Honestly though, I mean, really. You can’t chuck a glowstick without hitting a burlesque dancer or a raver in the face these days, right? IF WE ALL VOTE, there’s no reason that fucker can’t get put right back into MINORITY seating and stay away from our gahdamn right to be the suuuuuuuuper fabulous queer lovin’ birth-controlled arts-loving stripping sasspots we are deep, deep down inside. SO DO IT. Or I will have sadface, and that’s not attractive.
I love you all. See you at the polls.
kittens n’ kix

As you can see, very important. I’ll be your poll station entertainment, so at least you’ll have something to pass the time watching rather than the back of the person’s head in front of you.

Oh yeah, this is our poll of Harper and the Conservatives:

Look at that helpless kitten. Where are those PETA terrorists when you need them?
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