You Say It Like It’s A Bad Thing…

After this, there will be no mention of ‘cock’ as in the rooster in this post.


As a progressive third-wave feminist, I’m frankly beginning to wonder why calling someone a cocksucker was slander. Do gents ever really hate to have their member fellated? I’m curious if there are any guys out there that truly abhor having someone go down on them. My thinking is, if it’s something that everyone likes, then why is it a bad thing? If people like cookies, and some girl bakes a large volume or often, do people mutter ‘baker’ under their breath with contempt? Likely not, so I’m wondering why in this day and sex-positive age that we are still giving head a bad rap.

For a history lesson, the cocksucker has had a long and illustrious history. In Ancient Egypt, women who were fellatrixes (read: women who gave great head and took it as a point of pride) would stain their lips with the carmine beetle to redden their lips to show off that they were the A-game. These women weren’t found to be contemptible in any way, and in Ancient Greece it was regarded as ‘playing the flute’ by both Greek and Roman poets. We got a little off the oral-sex positive vibe in the Middle Ages when it got lumped in with anal sex, and other various ‘sodomia’. But we’ve come a long way since then and if we are no longer throwing people in water to see if they sink of float to determine the outcome of a trial, then why the FUCK are we demonizing such an awesome art form?

Back to fellatrixes.. I think that’s great, and as a point of personal pride, I plan to bring back that term and the wearing of red lipstick as glorying in the art.This is a reclaiming… I currently have three shades of red in my purse: Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Queen’s Sin. All MAC, and all have a tendency to smudge onto whatever my lips come into contact with, coffee cup and cock alike in equal measure. The people in the MAC lab should really address this – I believe that Crystal Precious pointed that out, like, years ago. But I digress… If someone (man or woman) is good at oral sex, and enjoys it, why is there some stigma remaining to the handle? I honestly think if every guy who has said the word ‘cocksucker’ as an insult at some point, he gets his fellatio privileges revoked. And trust me, it IS a privilege. Listening to one friend enthusiastically describing his experience, it sounds like something that maybe would be talked about with reverence and not as a repellent quality. Time to switch gears in our head space and say it whispered as an endearment.

I also heard about a secret school in Sweden where people could go to learn ninja-type cocksucking skills. Whether the institution exists or not, I still think that’s a fairly nifty and open-minded idea. Maybe we’re not quite ready for that here in North America, or at least until we can get over the hate-labels, but it might be something to keep in mind on the social revolutionary evolution front. Just sayin’…

So, yeah. Nothing wrong with being a cocksucker, ladies. I hope next time someone calls you that it’s as a compliment and you appreciate receiving it as the person giving it.

Little Miss Risk

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