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Hi folks,

So people keep asking me when I’m hitting the stage. I sometimes forget that the tribe, though well connected and sharing collective consciousness, doesn’t actually have telepathy. So to make things easier, I’ll post here what’s coming down the pipe this week so anyone looking to stalk me/catcall me/try to buy my used stockings doesn’t have to do all the exhaustive legwork they once had to do. (What DID people do before the Internet, Facebook and Four Square? Stalkers would have to, you know, WORK to figure out where you’d be).

Thursday March 28th

Sweet Sip Thursdays @ The Keefer Bar (133 Keefer St, Chinatown, Vancouver, BC)

Doors at 9PM with different sets at 10PM, 11PM, and midnight. $10 at the door

Friday March 29th

Spectacular, Spectacular @ The RIO Theatre (1660 East Broadway, East Vancouver, BC)

Doors at 8PM, Show at 9PM $8 at the door

Saturday March 30th

Shah DJ’s Present: False-O-Ween @ Club 560 (560 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC)

Doors at 9PM, Tickets available online, please see link above.

See you there, in my underwear!

Little Miss Risk






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